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Dampness and Landlords’ Responsibilities – Fitness for Human Habitation Act 2018

The Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018 came into force in March. One aspect of the Act that has caused concern among landlords is the tenants’ right to expect, “freedom from damp.” Diagnosing the causes of dampness in buildings is a complex area, and some landlords are concerned that they may be blamed for dampness issues that have, in fact, been caused by the tenant. At the time of writing there have been no prosecutions for landlords failing to provide [...]

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Mould and damp in your home could be killing you !!

Although mould is everywhere, it’s when the concentration builds up that it starts to affect health. British homes are particularly susceptible to mould and damp because it is so cold and wet and because a lot of the housing is quite old. There are hundreds of thousands of types of mould but only about ten types cause health problems, commonly sinusitis, bronchitis and other respiratory conditions, as well as allergies. The most infamous type of mould is black mould [...]

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Council Tenant and mould problems

A BRAE family say they have lost all confidence in Shetland Islands Council’s housing department after living in a council house infested with mould and fungi for the past 18 months. Mother of four Stephannie Thomas said that when she alerted the council, they told her to improve her ventilation and keep furniture away from walls to stop them getting damp and mouldy. Thomas this month started a Facebook page to highlight tenants’ problems with their council houses, which is [...]

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Landlord prosecuted for renting out this damp and mould-ridden flat

A landlord who rented out a damp and mould-ridden flat in Derby has been prosecuted. Anthony Davis was prosecuted by Derby City Council’s Housing Standards Team Team for offences concerning a city flat. Following an inspection of the flat by the team, officers discovered what they described as a “serious defect of damp and mould” in all areas of the flat, in Brindley Court, Allenton. Mr Davis, 37, was served with an improvement notice and ordered to carry out the essential repairs [...]


Black mould in your bathroom can wreak havoc on your health

BLACK mould and damp in the home, which commonly occurs in people’s bathroom, can cause a number of health issues, from respiratory problems to damaging the immune system. With the cooler temperatures and wet months ahead, here’s how to remove it. Whether it’s damp or mould, the first thing to do is find the cause.Usually, it’s caused by excess moisture in buildings, which can result from leaking pipes, rising damp in basements or ground floors, or rain seeping in because [...]

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Claims mould and damp in flat are making children ill

A Coventry mother is claiming she and her children have been living in damp conditions for three years. Laura Burch from Willenhall contacted BBC Coventry and Warwickshire saying complaints to her housing assocation, Whitefriars, went unanswered. Whitefriars told the BBC they had now visited the property and were talking to Ms Burch about remedial work. Coventry City Councillor Ed Ruane called the conditions ‘disgraceful’ and said he would be complaining to the Housing Ombudsman. Source: BBC Coventry & Warwickshire


Health Secretary Suggests NHS Could Remove Council House Damp

The NHS could pay to remove damp from council houses in order to improve the health of residents, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has suggested. Mr Hunt said that improving the quality of public housing could fall to the NHS in five years’ time as part of an holistic approach to public health. Asked about the impact of housing on health outcomes, the Health Secretary told an audience at the King’s Fund in London: “Our whole approach is because we believe that [...]

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Landlord fined £8,000 for mould ridden flat

A landlord in Woking has been fined after his tenants were left to live in a mould filled flat with a leaking toilet and a poorly maintained property. Alan Kevin Fowler, the landlord of 22 Bainton Mead, Woking, was ordered to pay out a total of £8,432 for not carrying out repair work and attending to health and safety issues in the property despite having been served two Improvement Notices. Woking Borough Council said the tenants were living among a catalogue [...]

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ONE sign that ‘almost guarantees’ your house is infested with BLACK mould

MOULD in your house is bad for your health. This is one sign of black mould that ‘almost guarantees’ your house is infested with the dangerous spores and fungi. This article explores damp mould on walls and how to get rid of mould. Black mould can cause a range of health problems, which can be very problematic. The NHS says “if you have damp and mould you’re more likely to have respiratory problems, respiratory infections, allergies or asthma. “Damp and [...]

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Wood Burners blamed for increases in London air pollution

Air pollution in London passed levels in Beijing this week, figures have shown, with popular wood burning stoves blamed for exacerbating the problem. On Monday London mayor Sadiq Khan issued the highest air pollution alert in London for the first time, and said on Tuesday that the capital’s ‘filthy air’ is now a ‘health crisis.’ Readings at 3pm on Monday showed that air at locations in the capital were worse than in notoriously smoggy Beijing, hitting a peak 197 micrograms per cubic [...]