Mould Problems

Is Your Home Suffering From Mould Problems?

Have you tried everything? Mould sprays? Bleaches? Mould paint and the mould just keeps returning? Do you want a permanent solution? We can help. We offer a complete mould removal service. We guarantee the mould will not return

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    We Have Been Treating Properties With Mould Problems For More Than 10 Years

    We offer 12 month money back guarantees on our mould removal solutions

    mould in bedrooms

    Bedroom mould is a major problem. It grows behind headboards and in the corners. Bedroom mould is a particular danger because we spend half our lives in the bedroom breathing in mould spores when we are asleep.

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    Mould loves to grow in damp places. Mould is common place in the bathroom. It gets into the tile grout and forms on ceilings.

    mould removal

    We guarantee to get rid of all your mould problems. We have been treating mould issues for over 12 years. We are mould removal experts.

    moud in kitchen

    Our solutions will eradicate mould growth within 3 days. We know exactly how and where to targe resulting in a mould free home. We only sell permanent solutions to combat mould

    Our Permanent Mould Solutions

    • Permanently Eradicate Mould Spores

    • Stops Condensation On Windows

    • No Chemicals – A Healthy Mould Solution

    • Over 10 Years Experience In Eradicating Mould Problems

    • 12 Month Money Back Guarantees

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    The only permanent mould and condensation solution on the market

    Dampair’s range of positive input ventilation units eradicate condensation and mould within days.

    We offer a 5 year guarantee with all our installations. We promise to clear you property of condensation and mould

    Installed within hours. Our teams of installers will leave you home clean and tidy. Our installer team are NICEIC

    We only use the best solutions on the market. All manufactured here in the UK.

    Dampair FREE home survey only takes 20 minutes. A report is sent the next day. No hard salesman

    Call our team today. Book a free 20 minute home survey and start receiving the benefits. Quick professional installations.

    Talk To The Mould Experts

    Diagnose the cause of the mould infestation.

    Your local Dampair expert will test for rising damp, penetrating damp and condensation damp. We make sure we get to the cause of your mould problems

    Make sure our solution is 100% correct

    You Dampair surveyor will advise on the correct solution for your property. No two mould problems are the same. We make sure we get to the bottom of your mould problem.

    Single Room Or Whole House Mould Solutions

    Our mould solutions range from single room solutions i.e bathrooms, kitchens to whole house solutions where the mould is in bedrooms, hallways and living areas. We can totally eradicate mould from within your property.

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    Our Solutions

    positive input ventilation units
    Our specialist mould removal solutions will eradicate condensation and mould within weeks. The causes of mould and fungal is lingering moisture caused by lack of ventilation. Dampair get to the bottom of the problem. Contact our team of specialists today

    Loft Mounted Unit

    Installed in properties with loft access. Comes with a built in integral heater. Low running costs (£35.00 per year) and 5 year guarantees.

    Wall Mounted Unit

    Wall mounted PIV units. Installed in apartments / flats and properties with no loft access. Comes with built in heater and low running costs (£35.00 per year) Exceptionally quiet operation. 5 year guarantees

    Working with you every step of the way

    Our friendly, professional service ensures you receive the best products and installation service on the market.


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    If you want to finally stop condensation and mould problems. If you want a good honest professional company to sort the problem out. Then contact our team today.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Our team is just a click away if you need any advice about our solutions and installation service but here are some answers to the questions our customers ask most.

    Positive input ventilation works by

    Every property is unique but we aim to install within 3-4 hours. We leave the property clean and tidy.

    We offer a 12 month money back guarantee on whole house ventilation solutions. We also offer a 5 year guarantee on all products and installations. If you have a problem with your 5 year warranty period, we will return to the property completely free of charge.

    No, once installed the units are fully automatic. The filters need changing every 5 years and cost approx £30/40. We can re-visit and change the filter for you. We offer this service for free…… unlike some of our competitors !!

    PIV has been around for 25 years+. It’s a proven solution to combat condensation and mould problems. It is also used to help reduce Radon Gas levels.