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Dampair covers the Worcester region for properties suffering with damp, mould and condensation issues. Specialists in damp, mould, condensation ventilation solutions in Worcester – Dampair provide a comprehensive service from finding the cause to installing the solution. With over 10 years experience in home renovations, ventilation systems and great contacts in the industry we have built Dampair into a company with a rock solid reputation in providing results and happy customers.

Our team of engineers and experts can provide a free estimation based on the problems you are experiencing and will provide you with a list of solutions we can use. A lot of homes in Worcester suffer from damp, mould and condensation problems. These problems can be easily misdiagnosed. We can visit your house, run a range of tests to see where and how the damp / mould / condensation is coming from and use those results to propose the most suitable solution.

If you are experiencing condensation issues that are causing your wooden timber frames to rot, producing odour and / or mould then we can measure the humidity and locate the source. Then we can calculate where to provide suitable outlets or inlets to manage, reduce and eliminate the problem.

A lot of households commonly have problems in the bathroom where showers, water heaters can produce a built-up of damp in the air, condensate on windows, walls, ceilings and floors and begin damaging your property. Contact us to find out what options are available for your situation to solve your damp, condensation and mould problems.

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Free property inspection to identify the cause of unexplained damp, condensation, mould or other problems.


A full report with recommendations on how to resolve the issue helps you make an informed decision to protect your home.


We supply and install high quality approved damp, condensation and mould solutions


All our solutions come with a extended manufacturer warranties and installation guarantees

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Barbourne, Blackpole, Cherry Orchard, Claines, Diglis, Northwick, Red Hill, Ronkswood, St Peters, Tolladine, Warndon and Warndon Villages, River Severn, Henwick, Lower Wick, St. John’s, Dines Green, Hallow, Worcestershire

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