Damp Musty Smells

Damp Musty Smells

Very often you may notice that your home smells musty in certain areas.  It can be difficult to pin-point the exact location of the smell, making it impossible to treat.

When a property is suffering from some sort of damp, mould and mildew are often present.  The musty smells occur when the mould releases mould spores into the air in our homes.

If rising damp and penetrating damp have been ruled out, your home may well be suffering from condensation damp which Dampair can completely eradicate from your homes instantly.

Our conscious drive to increase the energy efficiency in our homes by installing measures that retain heat, e.g. double glazing, can have a negative effect on your home’s ventilation, as there is no natural route out for our humid air to escape, meaning the mould spores contaminate our air, spreading dangerous and toxic spores around our homes, as the air hits the colder surfaces of the house, forming more mould.  Mould can even spread into walls and timber which is why the smells cannot always be traced.

We produce so much moisture through simple every day chores such as bathing, washing, cleaning, ironing, and boiling kettles.

Even if you can see mould areas, cleaning products, even bleach cannot kill mould.  Dampair’s compact complete ventilation system pumps fresh filtered air into your whole home pushing out, and eradicating harmful air from your home permanently.  After installation the mould can be cleaned with a specialist mould product.

Dampair can totally eradicate damp musty smells in your home. Click here for our whole house ventilation solutions


Getting Rid Of Musty Smells

If you’re noticing a musty smell in your house, here are some steps you can take to get rid of the smell.

Determine how many rooms are affected

Is the smell only in one bedroom, or is it in a series of rooms? If it’s in several rooms, the cause will probably be lack of good ventilation, in which case seek professional advice.

Locate the source of the musty smell

If it’s a more localised smell, you should be able to find the source of it with enough sniffing around. Sometimes it’s as simple as a condensation which if left for more than 6 hours at any given time will form and develop mould spores

Open up all windows and doors to let the fresh air in

Provided it’s not too cold out and it’s safe to do so, this is the first and easiest step you can take to air out your house. 95% a musty smell can just be caused by lack of ventilation. Let the fresh air pour in, and open up all curtains and blinds to let in the daylight! Don’t forget to open up shut-in spaces like cupboards, cabinets, and closets. Opening windows will have a limited affect. If you want to completely cure condensation and mould then you will need to install mechanical ventilation.

Turn on all ventilation fans or bring in electric fans, if necessary

Modern bathrooms and kitchens often have ventilation fans which you can turn on to air out smells. If a room has no windows or gets little circulation (like an attic or basement), you can always bring in a portable electric fan and run it for a while to get the air moving.


Do you want a permenant solution?

If you are looking for a permanent solution to get rid of musty smells, streaming windows, damp on walls. Visit our products, have a full range of solutions which can be installed within hours.

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