Single Room Ventilation

Single Room Ventilation

Our single room ventilation systems can be installed in any property type. If you have a hallway, bedroom, kitchen area or conservatory that is suffering from condensation build up or mould infestation Dampair can help. Dampair single room solutions target areas of damp mould and condensation. We know the exact solution for your needs. Our fully trained ventilation experts will explain the full benefits and installation process. We guarantee our single room ventilation products for 5 years.

single room ventilation

Bedrooms / Hallways / Lounge / Wardrobes

Stop Mould And Condensation In Single Rooms

Bedrooms, Lounge, Hallways, Kitchens & Bathrooms, Multiple Occupancy Property’s, Student Lets, Studios

If you live in a property with only one room suffering from mould or condensation issues we advise installing a Dampair single room ventilation solution. The Dampair unit will eradicate mould and condensation and can be installed discreetly in a corner or on a wall. Our fully trained ventilation surveyors and installers will position the single room ventilation solution in the most effective location.

High Powered Single Room Mould & Condensation Solutions

Only one room suffering from condensation or mould spores? Or do you just want to breath good, clean fresh air? Dampair can eradicate streaming windows, condensation on walls and mould problems with our range of high powered ventilation solutions. Contact your local ventilation expert today.

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Features & Benefits

Once our single room energy efficient condensation and mould solutions have been installed you will see the benefits within days.

Our ventilation products have been designed for every make, size and shape of room and apartment. There are many benefits to installing singe room mechanical ventilation to your property

Eliminates mould spores

Stop condensation

5 year guarantees

Quiet operation

Heat recovery

Quick, no hassle installation

Long life filters

Can reduce heating costs

Eradicates musty smells

Reduces pollen in the summer

Stops streaming windows

Professional Installation Service

All of our single room ventilation systems can be installed within 3-4 hours. Our fully trained Dampair installers are all qualified NICEIC ventilation experts and are NICEIC accredited electricians. Dampair take ownership of the right solutions and the correct installation.

Stop Mould & Condensation

heat recovery unit

Eradicate mould

Stop Condensation

Quick Installation

5 year Guarantees

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