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Mould Removal

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Fed up of cleaning mould and it just returns?

Want a permanent solutions?

There are many mould removal products on the market today but it is important to understand which mould removal products are permanent solutions.

The only permanent mould removal product on the market is ventilation. Once good ventilation is introduced to a property then the mould will die and turn into a dusty lighter colour. This is when you can finally clean the area and re-decorate. Only increased specialist home ventilation can completely remove the underlying cause of any mould problem.


Our Service

Dampair are mould removal experts. We permanently eradicate, and remove mould infestation problems. If it is your whole property suffering from mould or just a single room like a bedroom.  We can fix it. Our solutions our guaranteed for 5 years.

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Our Products

All Dampair mould removal solutions are manufactured in the UK. We give 5 year guarantee with all our mould removal ventilation units. Ventilation is the only way to permanently kill mould in your home.

Mould Removal Ventilation Units

positive input ventilation units
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Start Killing Mould Within 48 Hrs

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High Strength Mould Sprays

High strength post mould sprays available. If your property is suffering from minor mould infestation issues contact our team for advice.

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  • High Strength Mould Solution
  • Guaranteed results

We Can Help

With any mould infestation problems, it is important to correctly identify the root cause before going ahead with a form of mould treatment.  It can be very costly if a mould problem is misdiagnosed and the wrong treatment has been applied.

If you are unsure, call Dampair today on 0800 193 3600 or complete the form below to request quick FREE advice and we will arrange for one of our specialists to call or visit you at a time convenient for yourself. With our 12 month money back guarantees, your mould problems will soon be over.

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