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Condensation Control

Dampair are experts in condensation control and providing good indoor air quality for properties that are suffering from poor ventilation, resulting in damp, condensation and mould problems.

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If you are unsure, call Dampair today on 0800 193 3600 or click to request a quick quote and we will arrange for one of our specialists to call or visit you at a time convenient for yourself.  Your condensation problems will soon be over.

Whole House Condensation Control Sytems

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  • Quick installation
  • Totally eradicate condensation
  • Reduce heating bills
  • Built in heaters
  • 5 year on-site guarantees

Our condensation unit’s is are designed to ventilate a complete home or a single room. We have solutions to meet both your needs and your budget.

Condensation ventilation units have been preventing and curing condensation dampness related problems in UK homes for decades. They are also used to control other indoor air pollutants and are an affecting means for controlling Radon Gas. All condensation control units come with unique energy control and comfort airflow control settings. Our solutions have the options to come with built in heaters.

Single Room Condensation Control

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We have an extensive selection of single room condensation control solutions designed to reduce humidity levels, stop condensation and improve indoor air quality.

Our range of high performance single room heat recovery units are silent in operation, come with control options, including humidity trackers, timer delay, and passive options. For bathrooms we have a choice of wall mounted and in-line mounted extractor fans.

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