How and when will Sadiq keep his clean air pledge if he doesn’t Ban Diesel?

Many roads in central London will tend to have the highest concentrations of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in the world as a result of diesel vehicles emitting 90-95% of the most harmful exhaust emissions including NO2.  Worse, levels of NO2 are higher this year than last in some hotspots ‘Clean Air in London’ estimates there were about 3,000 deaths attributable to long-term exposure to fine particles (PM2.5) in London in 2015 and up to 5,900 deaths attributable to other pollutants (including [...]


New App By Clean Air

 New App  By Clean Air Description This App reports the health impact of long-term exposure to dangerous airborne particles (PM2.5) for the population in local areas, regions and England as a whole. The App estimates the number of deaths attributable to air pollution on a pro rata, calendar year-to-date, basis and the time to the next attributable death as well as displaying the percentage of total deaths attributable to air pollution. It does not estimate or display the number of actual [...]


Official | Air pollution killed up to 9,400 Londoners in 2010

In a major related development, the European Parliament’s Environment Committee voted this morning to tighten the European Commission’s proposals for a new National Emissions Ceilings Directive including binding limits in 2025 Spotlight turns to Government as it tries to comply with a Supreme Court order to publish a new plan within weeks to comply with nitrogen dioxide limit values as soon as possible not beyond 2030 as currently   London becomes the first world city to quantify the health effects of [...]


Londons dirty air: How bad is it?

The cold, calm weather of the past few days has seen London and the South East experience very high levels of air pollution. Emissions from cars and wood burning stoves have seen levels of particulate matter soar to their highest concentrations since 2011 We look at how scientists assess the scale of dirty air across the UK and the long term trends. And just how dangerous is the air that we breathe?   (more…)