Streaming Windows a sign of condensation?

Streaming windows

Streaming windows in our homes are common.  Think about it for a moment – how often do you see streaming condensation on your windows when you have taken a bath or shower for instance? Or when you have been drying your clothes on radiators or airers in the warmth of your home through the winter months?  Streaming windows should not be taken lightly.  Did you know that streaming windows could well be the onset of condensation and damp in your home, which has the potential to develop into mould?  If left untreated damp, mould and condensation can be a huge risk to your family’s health.

Condensation and your health

Why is damp, mould and condensation a risk to your health you ask?  Well, when the air inside our homes heats up it forms moisture droplets in the air which will travel to the coolest areas of your home, e.g. windows and walls, to try and escape to the cooler air.  Once they hit the cooler areas these pockets of air turn into water droplets which burst causing streaming windows and walls.  This is condensation.  These water droplets can cause a dampness around windows, walls and any furniture in close contact with interior walls.  This condensation damp when left untreated can turn very quickly into mould.  Mould can be extremely dangerous to our health, as it takes the form of toxic spores in air, caused by damp and condensation, which we will naturally breath in, potentially leading to respiratory problems, asthma and allergies.  These damp mould spoors will simply multiply as they thrive on the damp environment.  Sometimes condensation, damp and mould can create musty smells.

Prevent streaming windows

How can you prevent streaming windows, condensation, damp and mould?  The most common reason for streaming windows is a lack of ventilation.  Whilst many of us have tried to keep our homes well insulated through double glazing and loft insulation for instance, whilst the warm air is prevented from escaping from the property, keeping our energy bills down, it creates a barrier around our homes which prevents the damp musty stale air that we produce from escaping out of the property, also preventing the flow of fresh air into the property.  By trying to keep your windows open around the house, this can create a constant flow of air through the property, which could assist with your streaming windows.