Mould problems in the UK


If home suffers mould problems, it is important to understand how and why It appears in the first place. When you boil a kettle, dry clothes indoors, run a bath or have a shower, you are creating moisture in the air. Even breathing causes moisture in the air.  Mould appears in your home because the humidity and the moisture levels are creating the perfect environment.

There are many suggested ideas on how to rid the home of surface mould, such as bleach and warm water, specially manufactured solutions, etc., all of which are only temporary measures.  Mould releases many harmful toxins, which have usually been festering in the home for a very long time.  Therefore, it is recommended that a specialist is contacted, who will recommend the  best equipment to eradicate the problem permanently.

For advice on solving your mould problems we have experts in your area, who can visit your property, and recommend the best solution to alleviate the problem.


Mould is a major problem in many homes in the U.K., not just causing you health issues,  but also structural damage to your property.  Before mould appears on a surface, it can build up behind your wallpaper, in your kitchen cupboards and even on the back of your furniture. It   can spread quickly once it appears, growing around the tiling in the bathroom, or kitchen, also leading to discolouring of the walls, etc.  You can often detect a musty smell throughout the home before you actually notice the presence of the mould itself.

The mould growing in your home releases microscopic spores that can lead to respiratory problems and even allergic reactions. Therefore, as well as the damage mould can do to your property, it can also cause health problems, as well as aggravate existing ones.


The more energy efficient we make our homes, I.e. double and triple glazing, floor, wall, loft insulation, etc. the less air can enter the property.  Therefore, moisture cannot escape, resulting in condensation on walls and windows, particularly in bathrooms, kitchens, lofts and cavity walls, thus giving mould the perfect environment it needs to form and spread.  The only way to permanently eradicate mould in your home is to cut off the source of the moisture supply.

Different properties suffer their own individual mould problems.  Throughout the U.K. we have trained experts in this field, who will carry out a full survey to your property, to check the air-flow rates and the relative humidity.

DAMPAIR provide a range of energy efficient, and high performance home ventilation solutions designed to control condensation and prevent mould problems.  We also offer a money back guarantee, if you are not completely satisfied.  However, we can guarantee that our ventilation solutions will eliminate your mould problems.

As the winter months are obviously our busier time, why not contact our team of experts today to arrange a survey.  Please either contact us on 0800 193 3600 or complete the “Arrange  A Survey” form within our website.