5 Simple ways to improve condensation & mould problems – DampAir

  1. Keep your home well ventilated by opening windows daily. You should also make sure that the trickle vents in your windows are open as these allow additional airflow that will combat condensation. If you have condensation on windows it is likely that it will be settling in other places to.
  2. When cooking always turn the extractor fans on in the kitchen on full power. This will extract any excess moisture. If possible, open windows whilst cooking for extra ventilation. It is an idea to leave the extractor fan on for longer than you are cooking as there will be excess moisture in the air which you cannot see.
  3. After taking a shower or bath there will be excess moisture in the air. To help minimise condensation, the bathroom windows should be opened and extractor fans turned on. Try to keep the bathroom door shut as much as possible so the moisture doesn’t escape into other parts of your home.
  4. Airbricks and chimneys should be clear to allow airflow in and out of your home. Air ventilation is extremely important as you don’t want moist air to be trapped in one part of your home as it will condense on your walls. If condensation sits in a particular spot for more than 6 hours this can turn into mould.
  5. Always try and leave a small gap between the walls of your home and your furniture as this allows the air to move away from the bottom of the walls and circulate around the room. If air lingers between the furniture and walls it will condense onto walls and could eventually form into black mould.