Good Air Quality

Good Air Quality

Good quality air is now firmly on the ‘Wish List’ of many homeowners and property developers in the UK.  Our climate is undoubtedly becoming more unpredictable each year, and most of us have quickly become accustomed to the comfort of our air conditioned cars and places of work.

A healthy choice of home air conditioning equipment is now available in the UK, from “Dampair” including wall mounted and loft mounted systems for a single room and whole house conditioning systems.

Most people instinctively associate the term ‘air conditioning’ with cooling, however today’s home air conditioning systems also heat through the use of highly efficient heat-pump technology, and provide an effective level of air filtration. In turn, bedrooms, conservatories and loft conversions that are typically too hot in the summer and difficult to keep warm in the winter, can be enjoyed at a constant level of comfort throughout the entire year.


Ventilation Is Important

Condensation and Mould

If there is not enough air flow in the home, condensation can build up and cause damp and mould. This can be avoided by improving airflow. The best most cost affective way to eradicate condensation and mould is positive ventilation.

Ventilation stops condensation and mould

Your Health And Ventilation

Good ventilation will result in good air quality which can result in better health. You should ensure that you are breathing good quality air and that the rooms don’t get too stuffy.

If you notice any damp in your property, or there are condensation and mould issues then do not hesitate and contact our team of experts. We offer a free no obligation survey to identify how you can improve the air quality in your home.


Ventilation Solutions

Dampair offer whole range of whole house ventilation units. Positive ventilation systems can be fitted to your home with minimal disruption in under a day. Contact our team for free advice on 0800 193 3600


whole house ventilation installed in loft

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